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United Kingdom (15)

1. Cat Chat  Cat Chat
Cat Chat an animal welfare resource run by rescue cats Gemini and George. Entertainment, animal shelter listings, stories and cat forum.

2. CatsInfo - a site all about the domestic cat  CatsInfo - a site all about the domestic cat
CatsInfo, a site that covers every aspect of the domestic cat from breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition, breeding and showing cats to bringing your new kitten home.

3. Dog Rescue Pages - UK rescue centre guide  Dog Rescue Pages - UK rescue centre guide
A guide for everyone intending to adopt a dog. Details of dog rescue centres, sanctuaries, shelters, homes and breed-rescue organisations throughout the UK. Adopt a dog from centre near you.
Dog Rescue Pages - UK rescue centre guide

4. Equine World UK  Equine World UK
Horses, ponies and equestrianism in the UK. About horses, equine care, riding horses, equestrian sports, horses for sale, equestrian news, and much more

5. Give Us A Home  Give Us A Home
Helping unwanted pets, Giveusahome is dedicated to finding shelter animals somewhere to live.

6. Pet Lovers on Line  Pet Lovers on Line
Everything you need to know about Pets in Cumbria and Lancashire

7. German Shepherd Dog Rescue  UK National German Shepherd Dog helpline
German Shepherd Puppies and German Shepherd Dogs rehomed across the UK. Help and Advice on All Aspects of Owning a GSD

8. We Can't Think Of A  We Can't Think Of A
Name suggestions for cats, dogs, babies, horse, house and boat names. Visitors can ask for help in the forum or help others to find the perfect name.

9. World Animal Net  World Animal Net
World Animal Net: a worldwide network of societies campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals
World Animal Net

10. Cherises Cool Site  
cherises cool site,pokemon trading cards.submit online games Find a pen friend, penpal, free greetings cards, karate,uk animal rescue links to animal shelters with loads of pets(dogs,cats etc) looking for homes. Quarantine kennels.

11. N.A.S.S.L National Animal Sanctuaries Support League  
Welcome to N.A.S.S.L online. You can now access us at a time that suits you 24 hours a day.

12. National Fancy Rat Society  
The NFRS is the UKs national rat club - visit our site for information about keeping rats as pets, photographs of varieties, and up-to-date rat show information.

13. National Hamster Council  
The National Hamster Council is the oldest hamster club in the world and we hope to bring to you some of the knowledge and fun we have had over the last 50 years.

14. The Kennel Club UK  
The primary object of The Kennel Club is to promote, in every way, the general improvement of dogs.

15. World of Horses  
Horses and ponies for sale or loan, pen pals and equestrian news and events in the UK at World of Horses.

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