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Pets Are Not A Fad
Pets Are Not A Fad
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Animals are a commitment, not a fad.
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Welcome to the Pets Are Not A Fad ring

This ring is for anyone and everyone who believes that all pets are not a fad, they are for life. Joining this ring is one way to show you care and you'll be helping all the sites get much needed exposure. We just want to get the word out about all of these great organizations and all the compassionate people out there that care and make them possible!
PLEASE help us spread the word... it's easy just join the ring and let every person you know with a website know about us!

Dalmatians are a good example of a fad. Many shelters were deluged with disposed dalmatians months after the movie 101 Dalmatians was released. How could people resist? The puppies were so cute. And there seemed to be an ample supply listed in every local paper of people selling them. With fad animals, many people are just out to make money and it doesn't matter whether the animal should have been bred or not.
Dalmatians are a high energy dog. Most people with their lifestyles today are not prepared to put the amount of effort to properly train this beautiful breed.

Pot belly pigs were a fad. How many of these animals are still in homes once people discovered how big they get? The little pigs were cute and quite a conversation piece but those big pigs lost their appeal quickly. Shelters and rescue agencies all around the country are filled with "fad" animals like ferrets and Easter rabbits. Is the media responsible? Advertising with cute animals has always gained market share and when people see the smart little dog on a particular television show they assume all the dogs of this breed are cute, calm and listen to what you say. But this doesn't happen without a lot of training and so the animals are dumped in shelters where only a few are lucky enough to find another home.

Please be sure to research the breed you are interested in - even if it is a mixed breed dog, knowing the temperment of the purebred part of the mix will help you understand that dog. And above all, don't impulse buy! You should adopt an animal for life, not for a fad.
Visit our Links Directory where you will find links to pet related sites worldwide.

If you would like to become a member of this webring, please read the instructions below.

Pets Are Not A Fad
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Animals are a commitment, not a fad.
Will you
join us?

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  • Sites do not have to be animal-related, but they should be "family-safe".

  • Sites depicting any type of hate, abuse, or pornography are not admitted.

  • Sites that promote declawing or are against spay/neuter are not admitted.

  • Sites created by breeders or sites which promote breeding are not admitted.

  • Sites which promote the selling of animals, puppy mills or catteries are not admitted.

      How To Join

      How To Join

      How To Join

    • Download one of the ring graphics above. Please upload the graphic to your own server. Do not direct link! Be sure to make sure you put the correct .jpg name in your code when you add your page to the webring.

    • Fill out the form below to add your site to the queue. Please submit the page you will place the ring on! Sites will not be added if the ring is on another page and if found to have been moved to a page other than the one submitted after being accepted (unless I am notified) they will be removed.

    • Please email me when you have the ring up. You have 7 days to do this. If I don't hear from you in 7 days, you will be removed from the queue.

    • Attention AOL users: The easiest way for you to get the code would be to Edit your site info and the code is on that page OR feel free to email me and I will email you the appropriate code. Or you may pick up the code HERE.

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