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United Kingdom (15)

1. Animal Portraiture by Pauline Gledhill  Animal Portraiture by Pauline Gledhill
Beautiful watercolour paintings and pencil drawings of your pets taken from photographs.
Animal Portraiture by Pauline Gledhill

2. AZPaintings  AZPaintings
Detailed pet portraits by Anne Zoutsos. Highly realistic, beautiful paintings which capture the spirit and individual beauty of each animal. The artist chosen by the top dog exhibitors in the UK and the world to paint their winners – commissions accepted worldwide.

3. Beautiful Pet Portraits  Beautiful Pet Portraits
UK artist Julie Palmer creates paintings from photos of your dog, pet or loved one in pastel or oils.
Beautiful Pet Portraits

4. Pastelpals Pet Portraits  Pastelpals Pet Portraits
Pet portraits from your favourite photographs sensitively created in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery.

5. Pet Portraits by Jane Beharrell  Pet Portraits by Jane Beharrell
Realistic pet portraits from your photographs, by UK artist Jane Beharrell.

6. Pet Portraits by Sue Jones  Pet Portraits by Sue Jones
Award-winning artist Sue Jones specialises in detailed close-up pet portraits and wildlife art. Visit her site for more information and examples of her work.
Pet Portraits by Sue Jones

7. Pet Portraits from Photos by Sally Logue  Pet Portraits from Photos by Sally Logue
Pet portraits in pastel: a good likeness of your dog, cat or horse from photos by UK animal portrait artist. Preview online.

8. Pet portraits in pastels by Lorraine Gray  Pet portraits in pastels by Lorraine Gray
Portrait of your pet. Guaranteed likeness, no deposit, preview before you buy.

9. Custom Pet Portraits  Pet Portraits
Custom pet portraits from photos in pastels, charcoal, pencil and watercolours by professional pet and equine portrait artist Sandra Palme. Online gallery. International commissions accepted.

10. Roger Heaton Studio and Gallery  Roger Heaton Studio and Gallery
Animal portraits that capture the character of your pet and which make ideals gifts that are cherished for a lifetime. Paintings and prints for sale.
Roger Heaton Studio and Gallery

11. Animal Artist, Robin Durant  
Portraits of Dogs, Cats in Watercolour or Pastel

12. Animal Portraits by Ann Seward  
Animal portraits & wildlife art prints by Ann Seward

13. Jacqui Blackman's Art Studio  
Animal, landscap and floral watercolours, oil and acrylic paintings.

14. Pet Portraits in Pastel by Sally Logue  
Good likeness of your pet from photos. dogs, cats and horses in pastel by Sally Logue UK animal portrait artist since 1991.

15. PrintsForPleasure  
The Internet Prints and Posters Specialists with over 1,000,000 Prints and Posters available for immediate despatch worldwide.

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