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Africa (1)

1. In Defense of Animals - Africa : Chimpanzee Rescue  
In Defense of Animals - Africa, a non-profit organization; provides a rescue, sanctuary protection, and education center in Cameroon West Africa. If a chimpanzee, chimp, Great ape, ape, gorilla, or orangutan, is subjected to abuse or exploitation; these monkeys or primates in West - Central Africa, benefit from our guardianship. You can volunteer, adopt, purchase gifts, or attend our events such as the Chimpfest and Non-Fatal Bite for vegan / vegetarian cuisine and entertainment. The wild free - living chimpanzees need conservation of habitat. IDA - Africa also works to protect their natural environment from illegal logging of tropical rainforest and wildlife areas. The bushmeat, bush meat, bush-meat, trade is driving these chimpanzees into near extinction, by hunting the chimps down; one-by-one. We would greatly appreciate your support.

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