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AOL HTML code to copy and paste

<!-- Start Educate Fragment-->

<BR> <center> <METHOD="POST"><table border=1><tr><td align="right" bgcolor="#AE9999"><font face="arial,helvetica" size=2> <A href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=prev"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>Previous</font></a><P> <a href=";id=***SITE ID**;action=sprev5"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>Skip Prev 5</font></a><P> <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=prev5"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>List Prev 5</font></a><P> </td><td valign="center" bgcolor="#AE9999"><center><a href=";action=home"><IMG SRC="educate.jpg" WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=253 BORDER=0></a></center></td> <td align="left" bgcolor="#AE9999"><font face="arial,helvetica" size=2> <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>Next</font></a><P> <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=skip5"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>Skip Next 5</font></a><P> <a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next5"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>List Next 5</font></a><P> </td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3 align="center" bgcolor="#AE9999"><font face="arial,helvetica" size=3><B> This <A href="">Animal Welfare Education Ring</A> site is owned by<BR> <A href="mailto:***SITE EMAIL***">***SITE TITLE***</a> </td></tr> <tr><td colspan=3 align="center" bgcolor="#AE9999"><table width=100%><tr><td align="left"><font face="arial,helvetica" size=2> <a href=";action=list"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>List All</font></a> </td><td align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica" size=2> <a href="***SITE ID***;action=rand"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>Random Site</font></a> </td><td align="right"><font face="arial,helvetica" size=2> <a href=";action=addform"><font color="#FFFFFF"><B>Join!</font></a> </td></tr></table></td></tr></table> </td> </tr> </table></center> <p>

<!--End Educate Fragment--->

This is the generic code for aol users.
You will have to add your Site ID number in seven places in the code.
Remember to replace your Site Name and Site Email.
(all without the *** before and after)
If you still have problems, please let ME know.

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