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United Kingdom (15)

1. Carla Lane Animals In Need  Animals in Need
CARLA LANE ANIMALS IN NEED Registere Charity 1031342

2. Binfield Dog Rescue  Binfield Dog Rescue
Binfield Dog Rescue UK near Reading, Berkshire, UK. We rescue and home unwanted and stray dog from the dog rescue centre in the south of england, UK

3. Chilterns Dog Rescue Society  Chilterns Dog Rescue Society
The Chilterns Dog Rescue Society was formed in 1963 to rescue unwanted and homeless dogs and to provide accommodation until such time as permanent homes can be found.

4. Hyndburn Stray Dogs In Need  Hyndburn Stray Dogs In Need
We are a registered charity based in Lancashire. Since 2001 we have rescued and rehomed nearly 3500 stray dogs. Our charity motto is "giving stray dogs a second chance"
Hyndburn Stray Dogs In Need

5. Jans Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts  Jans Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts
We supply Quality Dog Coats, beds, vetinary aids, muzzles, collars and gifts for the owner. We donate part of our profits to various Greyhound Rescue Centres around the UK - Adopt a Greyhound and make your life better.
Jans Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts

6. Man's Best Friend Rescue and Training Association  Man's Best Friend Rescue and Training Association
Based in Lincoln UK, we specialise in Dog Rescue and Re-Homing, Dog Training Classes, Individual and Residential Training, Behavioural Consultations. Problem Dogs our Speciality.

7. My Pet Pages  My Pet Pages
My Pet Pages offers pet lovers free websites to upload, organise and share their favourite pet photos online. Each website has an ecard facility, guestbook, links page and unlimited photos and albums. And best of all... ITS FREE

8. Pound Puppy Animal Rescue  Pound Puppy Animal Rescue
Pound Puppy Rescue, Poole, Dorset, UK. We rescue and home unwanted and stray puppies, dogs and cats to Poole, Dorset and surrounding counties (Avon, Devon,

9. Rain Rescue  Rain Rescue
Dog rescue saving dogs from destruction in and around South Yorkshire, that have been dumped in council pounds.
Rain Rescue

10. Selby Stray Dog Rescue  Selby Stray Dog Rescue
Selby Dog Warden re-homing unwanted dogs in the area of selby and tadcaster, yorkshire, uk,

11. Westie ReHoming  Westie ReHoming
Westie ReHoming was formed by Jacqui and Robert Ferris-Woods, who believe passionately that before a Westie is deemed to be unrehomeable all possible avenues for its rehabilitation should be explored.
Westie ReHoming

12. Dogs Trust  
Largest UK Dog welfare charity. Protects dogs from threat of destruction. Campaigns for and promotes responsible dog ownership.

13. Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre  
The Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue centre was set up by a group of local people in August 2001. The purpose of the charity is to rescue, care for, and rehome stray, maltreated, and unwanted dogs.

14. Just For Dogs  
Just For Dogs Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

15. The Babbington Rescue  
The rescue was established in February 1993 and we have currently re-homed approximately 6000 dogs. We have a non destruction policy and we re-home strays and unwanted pets from the Nottingham/Derby areas.

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