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United Kingdom (39)

1. Bichon Frise Rescue UK  Bichon Frise Rescue UK
Operated IN THE UK by unpaid volunteers Officially recognised by The Kennel Club

2. Complete Dogs Guide to Dog Rescues  Complete Dogs Guide to Dog Rescues
Information regarding the option of rescuing a dog as well as links to dog rescue centers and organisations.
Complete Dogs Guide to Dog Rescues

3. English Springer Spaniel Rescue UK  English Springer Spaniel Rescue UK
Springer Spaniel Rescue is a non-profit organisaton dedicated to rehoming English Springer Spaniels. With tips on caring and coping with your Springer, a gallery and information on dogs needing rehoming.

4. Greyhound Awareness League  Greyhound Awareness League
Whether you're interested in adopting a dog as a companion animal, would like to make a donation, become a volunteer, or are simply interested in finding out more about greyhounds and lurchers you should find the answers to many of your questions here.

5. Greyhound Rescue - North Yorkshire  Greyhound Rescue - North Yorkshire
The aim of the Greyhound Rescue charity (registered charity number 702522) is to rescue and rehome unwanted greyhounds. These are mostly greyhounds who have just come out of the racing industry.

6. Greyhound Rescue in the UK  Greyhound Rescue in the UK
A collection of information about, and contact details for, Greyhound Rescue in the UK. Information, contact details, links, news etc

7. Greyhounds in Need  Greyhounds in Need
The Greyhounds in Need site is for the charity run by Ann Finch against atrocities in Spain inflicted on Greyhounds.

8. Hampshire Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue  Hampshire Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue
Hampshire Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Rescue UK near Aldershot, Hampshire, UK. We rescue and home unwanted Staffies and put them foster homes in the south of england, UK

9. Jans Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts  Jans Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts
We supply Quality Dog Coats, beds, vetinary aids, muzzles, collars and gifts for the owner. We donate part of our profits to various Greyhound Rescue Centres around the UK - Adopt a Greyhound and make your life better.
Jans Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts

10. Labrador Lifeline Trust  Labrador Lifeline Trust
The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a Registered Charity with an operating area of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. Our helpers are all unpaid volunteers and all money raised is used in the rehoming and welfare of our dogs.

11. North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue  North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue
NWESSR is a UK Charity, set up to rescue distressed Springer Spaniels. We are Kennel Club recognised and currently re-homing over 330 dogs per annum.

12. The German S-h Pointer Rescue South West England  The German S-h Pointer Rescue South West England
Gsp Rescue (South West England) UK is a non-profit making organisation designed to assist in the welfare and re-homing of unwanted or unsettled German Short-haired Pointers.

13. West Highland White, Everything You Wanted To Know About Westies, And More...  West Highland White, Everything You Wanted To Know About Westies, And More...
Welcome to the West Highland White Guardians Site.
West Highland White, Everything You Wanted To Know About Westies, And More...

14. Westie Rescue Scheme UK  Westie Rescue Scheme UK
Official online homepage of the UK registered Charity for rescuing and rehoming unwanted Westies. Includes forms for joining, information on scheme news & events. We also have a fully interactive forum offering help and advice as well as our own online charity store.
Westie Rescue Scheme UK

15. Border Collie Rescue on Line  
UK based charity, working Internationally to Rescue, Re-home and promote a better understanding of the breed, Affordable Website Hosting.

16. Collie Rescue (Rough & Smooth) UK  
New homes are always wanted for dogs of all ages and needs.

17. Daneline Great Dane Rescue  
Daneline Great Dane Rescue, Re-homing Great Danes to good homes throughout the UK.

18. Dobermann Rescue UK  
Dobermann Rescue UK: Home Page

19. Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue  
Whether you're interested in adopting a dog, supporting Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue, or generally interested in greyhound welfare, we hope you will enjoy browsing through our site.

20. Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels  
Dunrunnin rehomes retired greyhounds

21. Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue  
Welcome to the Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue site.

22. Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary  
Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary near skegness in Lincolnshire was established in December 1997 by Sandra Miller.

23. German Short-Haired Pointer Rescue (SW)  
A voluntary and donation reliant organisation that rehomes German Shorthaired Pointers throughout the UK

24. Greyhound Rescue Wales ˜ Home page  
Greyhound rescue wales. A registered animal charity for greyhounds

25. Greyhound Rescue West of England  
An Award Winning GRWE Website devoted to the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Abused and Abandoned Greyhounds

26. Greyhounds R Us  
On this site we hope to show you that greyhounds make wonderfully affectionate, relaxing and loving pets, and of course, we hope that you will consider welcoming one of these beautiful and noble animals into your home.

27. Labrador Rescue South East & Central  
Labrador Rescue South East & Central is a registered charity that rehomes pure bred and first cross labrador retrievers

29. Lincs, Essex & Trent Boxer rescue  
There are many reasons why boxers come into rescue, often through no fault of their own, 95% are because of marriage break ups, the rest a mixture of ignorance, death of owners and misunderstanding of the breed. Whatever the reason we are only to happy to help as the welfare of boxers is our only priority.

29. Norfolk Boxer Rescue  
Welcome to the Norfolk Boxer Rescue website. We're glad you've found us and hope you enjoy the site. The main purpose of our site is to make people aware of our existence and hopefully interest some potential future new owners for our rescue dogs.

30. Samoyed Rescue (UK)  
Samoyed Rescue UK, supported by the Samoyed Association the Samoyed rescue endeavours to find homes for Samoyeds in need across the UK.

31. The Great Dane Adoption Society  
We take in Great Danes and sometimes other giant breeds such as Dogue de Bordeaux, Mastiffs, even St Bernards, from anywhere in the UK.

32. The Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue  
The Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue organisation are a non profit making charity, committed to the rescue and rehoming of English Springer Spaniels. Register to home one of our dogs, visit our rescue auction, or purchase a Springer book, direct f

33. The Pug Welfare and Rescue Association  
Welcome! From The Pug Welfare and Rescue Association in the UK

34. The Retired Greyhound Trust  

35. Tia Greyhound Rescue  
Dedicated to rehoming retired racing Greeyounds and Lurchers.

36. ukboxerdogs - Rescue and Welfare  
Boxer dog rescue and welfare centres in the UK.

We are a german shepherd dog breed rescue based in London and the home counties of the U.K.

38. Welcome to Northern SBT Rescue in the UK  
This Rescue will be happy to provide you with the right information about the dog you are interested in with information about the groups operating within the UK local to you.

39. Whittingham Kennels  
Whittingham Kennels The Retired Greyhound Trust Walthamstow Homefinding Scheme Our Mission: To find Loving Caring Homes for Retired Greyhounds

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